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A new pace and routine..

How my work style has changed during Covid-19.

As I said last month, a lot of changes are happening in our world at the moment, and for most of us that has meant our work places and paces have changed too.

I would usually be working a part time job alongside Bluebell Lane but while that's on hold I've been appreciating the extra time to do things that make me feel good! Each day has been accompanied with various moods and mindsets, as I'm sure everyones has, but I've been enjoying restructuring my days/weeks to a way that works for me.

I'm still getting up reasonably early, but taking time to have slow mornings, which is something I love! A leisurely breakfast and some form of exercise before my day gets going makes such a difference to how focused I am during my working hours. This is something I'd really like to keep prioritising, whenever things go back to however they will be!

At around 11am, I'll sit down to start working. Often starting with emails, and deciding which To-Do's are most important for the day.

Early afternoon, long lunch time. I've been enjoying having more time in the kitchen, which is new to me. My partner is a great cook, so he usually takes the reigns on that one. But in the last few weeks, it's been nice learning to make lots of little bits. My favourite so far being tahini paste! So easy, and so yummy!

Then I'll get a few more hours of work in. I'm trying to set different types of work for the different days, but it often gets switched around depending on what I'm feeling, and which tasks are appealing to me. 

Usually I aim to pack up work at about 5/6ish, and settle in to the evening. Which at the moment means binge watching Money Heist on Netflix, and knitting!

Each day varies, but generally the above is how it's been going. I'm am the kind of person that works well with structure, so by at least trying to map out my workload, it's helped keep me focused.

A typical lockdown week at Bluebell Lane has looked a little something like this..

Mainly packing and posting orders from over the weekend and planning what I need to get done during the week.

Studio. I live about a 2 minute walk away, and rarely see anybody on the way there or back. I am isolated while I'm there too, but still keeping trips there to an absolute minimum.
I miss spending more time there, but the upside to only going in once a week for a few hours is that I am so much more efficient! This is something I want to retain once things become whatever our new normal will be.

Website, general admin, and anything computer related. Making jewellery would usually jump ahead of any of these kind of tasks, so it's been great to have more time to finally get through some of those To-Do's that have been waiting for me!

I haven't quite figured out what Thursday's are for yet! Odd bits and pieces often slot in here, but I've also been using this time to do stuff round the house and in the garden. Or this week, drinking a cheeky Blackberry Daquiri or two!

Tying up any loose ends for the week and making sure any orders that still need posting for the week have been completed. 
I'll often write my self a little note for Monday with any to dos or reminders, so I have some idea of what I should be getting on with, when the next week starts!
My main task for Friday though is writing my newsletter! (Sign up at the bottom of the page!)
This very often doesn't actually get done on a Friday though, even with the best intentions. Its currently 18:49 on Saturday, with just over 12 hours until this reaches your inboxes, but I'm almost done!

And then the weekend comes! Cue extra slow mornings, more knitting, and more food!

Although everything is far from ideal at the moment, I've found it interesting, playing around with new routines, and look forward to integrating some of them when we come out of this.

What new habits have you been trying? And how has your structure changed? I'd love to hear any new routines and positive realisations this time has given you!

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