£1.00 of every order is donated to The Woodland Trust to help protect our woodlands, trees and wildlife.

Day 13: USP

As well as being passionate about making simple but interesting jewellery, being sustainable is equally important to me, and I keep this a priority throughout my business. 

Everything I make is made using recycled silver (either Sterling or Fine) which arrives in biodegradable bags, and stops any extra mining having to take place. Mining is a horrible procedure, using lots of nasty chemicals which ruin the environment and communities around the areas it's happening. Everybody has odd bits of silver around their house, whether its one lone earring or a broken chain, and this can all be recycled without loosing any quality at all! 

When you shop at Bluebell Lane, you can be confident that protecting the environment is at the top of my list, and I strive to be as sustainable as possible throughout all my processes. 

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