Holiday update: I am away from the 11th-17th of July, so all orders placed from the 10th will be posted on 18th/19th July xxxx


I have to say, one of my favourite things about being a silversmith is the tools! I don't have a huge collection, and certainly nothing fancy, but they all have their own important parts to play.
I'll usually start a piece by cutting either sheet or wire to size, using an adjustable saw or wire cutters.
Then I'll move to marking the silver with either a ball pein, riveting or texturing hammer.
Using pliers or a mandrel I'll shape the silver, ready for soldering with my butane torch, on top of either a charcoal brick or soldering block.
After pickling, I will use my files, buffing sticks, rouge and felts to get the finish nice and smooth.
And then into the barrel tumbler the jewellery will go, along with some steel shot, and a tiny bit of washing up liquid. This process helps to strengthen the silver, and polishes in all of the hard to reach places.
And finally and most importantly, I'll use my water boiling device, to make what I like to call a very well earned brew!

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