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Planning to me has always looked like being knee deep in a pile of lists! I do love making a list, and I will admit, I am one of the people who will put a couple of things I've already done on there, just to tick them off!
The main problem I have with working in this way is that the lists often get quite long! I tend to steer towards getting as many things ticked off that list as I can, which often means, lots of little bits and pieces get completed, but the more important and more time consuming things sit there, getting rewritten on the next day, and the next day, and the next day...
U N T I L N O W!
I think I heard this technique on the Make a Plan, Make it Happen Podcast, with planning and productivity coach, @josephinepbrooks . She suggests only having 3 things on your list each day. This immediately changed everything in how I work. If I can only put three things on my to do list, they'd better be important!
Since making this tiny but huge change to my approach , I no longer come home from work with a cloud of 'I should have dones' above me, and I'm learning to let go of the smaller bits, that actually were just clogging my brain up rather than letting me move forward and grow!
What are your 3 most important things you need to do today?
(and it's totally allowed to be watch that film, or snuggle in to the sofa today - it's the weekend!)

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