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Day 31: FAQ'S

A day late finishing this year's March Meet the Maker, but am pretty happy that I managed to (almost, bar one day) complete it!
It's a pretty long one, but I'm going to round things off by answering my most commonly asked questions..!
Q: Where do you get your silver from?
A: All of my silver comes from @cooksongold , and I get all of my tools from them too ☺️
Q: Do you recycled the silver yourself?
A: The silver I buy has already been recycled by melting down old scrap jewellery or things like medical equipment. But I do melt down all of my scraps to either decorate pieces like the dotted hoops or dot ring, or make completely new pieces like the full moon earrings.
Q: Where did you learn?
A: I'm self taught, so it has been a slow learning process, mainly from the internet! 
Q: How long does it take you to make a piece?
A: Each piece differs slightly and I tend to make a lot of pieces at once.. I usually spend one day a week cutting all the wire or sheet to size for that weeks makes. Another will be spent focusing on all of the soldering. And then another filing and buffing. This part takes the longest, and is definitely the toughest of my hands! Then the jewellery will go in to the barrel tumbler for a final polish, which takes another few hours! So all in all, I'd say from start to finish including tumbling, each piece takes around 5 hours! 
Q: Do you take commissions?
A: YES! I absolutely love working on commissions, and an always happy to discuss your ideas!
Q: Do you sell in any shops?
A: Not at the moment, but this is on my list of goals for the year, once shops are allowed to re-open. Under normal circumstances, you will always be able to find me @oldjet market if you prefer to try on before you buy..
Q: Do you have a website?
A: Yes, you're on it!
Thanks for reading, if you have any more questions you'd like answering, drop them below! 👇

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