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Introducing my new stockist!

Bôèmbio Boutique, Toulouse.

After first being approached back in February this year, I am super excited to announce that my jewellery has made it safely all the way to Toulouse in France! My first overseas stockist!

Bôèmbio is a sustainable boutique, selling lots of eco friendly products, ranging from plastic free alternatives and vegan body products, to clothing and accessories, and now Bluebell Lane recycled Sterling Silver Jewellery!

It's been quite a long process to get everything sorted, especially during lockdown! The main hurdle being my silver supplier closing, just as the order came through! 

Coincidentally, Toulouse is the city we fly in to when going to visit my partner's parents, so I'm looking forward to being able to go and see Bôèmbio in person, whenever that may be?!
Packing up the order, ready to ship..
All set up in Bôèmbio!

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