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This time last year..

Seeing as I haven't been able to do this years Spring/Summer shoot,
I thought we'd take a look back at last years!
'Shoot day' is one of my favourite parts of being a jeweller. Especially since I stopped trying to do the photos myself and got my skilled photographer friend, Jess on board!

It feels like you're getting up to go on holiday, making sure you're up and on location by the time the sun rises, as this is the best light. 
For the SS19 shoot, we were up at around 4.30am, racing to get to Walberswick beach to welcome the sun and try and avoid the bank holiday busy-ness that the coast usually holds!

This was the first shoot that Jess and I had done together, and the first time Jess and Lotti (my beautiful friend in the photos) had also worked together, so we were anticipating that we could be a good few hours getting all the shots we needed.

To our surprise, we were back home eating egg sandwiches and slurping down coffee by 8am!


Of course we quickly moved on to some bucks fizz and seasonal cocktails to celebrate..! (this is a non-negotiable tradition now!)

It is so much fun setting a little scene up - in this case, a fruity picnic, and using each of our skills to create some wonderful images together. 

I would absolutely love to be getting ready for another beach shoot this bank holiday weekend, but obviously some things are on hold for the time being.

It has been suggested by a handful of people that I should be the face in these photos, to which I have always said 'No Way! I wouldn't know what to do, and besides, I have to arrange the jewellery!' But as Jess is my neighbour, and we have been in lockdown together, it may be that I have to brave it, if I want to launch my next collection any time soon!

We shall see...

For now though, here's a few of my favourite photos from last year, and some of my behind the scenes shots!
Jessica Atkinson Photography - capturing those early morning rays!
My 'Behind the Scenes' Shots..



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