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What is Ecosilver?

And why should we be buying it over regular Sterling Silver?

Ecosilver is recycled 925 Sterling Silver that's been made by melting down things such as scrap jewellery and medical equipment.
This is relatively easy to do, and no matter how many times you remelt the silver, the quality remains the same - winner!
At Bluebell Lane, every single scrap and off cut is melted down to be turned in to a new shiny piece of jewellery, and even before the silver arrives to me, it has already been recycled by my supplier!

So why is Ecosilver a better choice?

Well, when you buy something that has been made from recycled silver, it means that no extra mining or exploitation has been involved in the sourcing of the silver.
In order to mine, trees and vegetation (and the habitat they provide) are cleared and burned, which impacts the wildlife and the surrounding communities hugely. 
The mining process also uses lots of nasty chemicals, like mercury and cyanide, which contaminate and pollute the local water sources.

So, as we already have a huge amount of silver which we can reuse (most of us have odd earrings or broken chains hidden away in an old jewellery box somewhere!), Ecosilver is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make and wear jewellery with a clear conscience.
A pile of my scraps and off cuts, ready to be melted down..
A fresh delivery of Ecosilver from my supplier!

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