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Working from Home

A sneaky peak at my current set up and how I'm working during Covid-19.

A  lot is changing around the world at this time and for many of us this means changing the place, pace and ways in which we are working.

After only moving my business out of my house at the end of last year, it was a bit strange having to suddenly move most things back in, and feared not having a living room again! I've just about managed to compact everything so it only takes up a small space, and have created a couple of simple rituals to stop my work encroaching on my living space again.

Firstly, at the end of each day, I make sure I have tidied any work bits away before settling in to the evening. The second one is simply sitting in an arm chair when I'm working, and then the sofa when I'm not. This has actually made a lot of difference, helping keep my mindsets separate.

As the weather has got nicer, I have been able to work outside a bit more which has been lovely, and again, I've got different places where I can sit to work, and to relax/soak up them rays!

My routine and pace of working is probably what has changed the most though, and this is something I'll be talking about in next weeks newsletter!

For now though, here's a little look at my current working from home set up..

The trolley I usually use to take all my things to markets is now filled to the brim with jewellery, boxes, and everything needed to pack your orders. Next to it sits a little coffee table for filing, buffing and generally sorting out jewellery. Underneath the table = perfect place for my printer!

Starting at the top, presentation boxes, postcards, business cards, dried rose petals, paper tape, stickers, scissors and a pen. This tray sits on top of a plastic box with a few tools, and a cardboard box with more boxes. Then we have postal boxes, both made up and flat pack. And in the foreground, boxes of shiny jewellery shaped treats!

A little pile of jewellery, waiting to be filed, buffed and polished..

Outside office! Oh how lovely it is to work outside! We had a good clear up this week, and finally got this seaty bit back! It had been used as a dumping space for all sorts of things over winter, including our christmas tree which you can just about still see!

Ice coffees seem to be the way to go at the moment! I make mine using coconut milk and a bit of maple syrup, and so far I've had no complaints!


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