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Sustainable Studio - Part 2

Eco Goals for the year ahead

In part 2 of the Sustainable Studio series, I'm going to be talking about the Eco Goals I have set myself for the year ahead..
Some of these are certainly going to be easier than others, but I would love to achieve all of these this year!
1. Start making Stud Posts and Earring Hooks in house
Sourcing jewellery findings, such as stud posts, earrings hooks and butterfly backs that are made using Ecosilver is near on impossible. Although it is thought that pieces like these are often made using waste silver by the manufacturers, it is not guaranteed. So after spending a fair bit of time last year searching for an eco alternative, I have decided that this year I will start to make the stud posts and earring hooks in house. I'm still trying to figure out how I would go about making butterfly backs, but if I do find a way, I would love to be able to make these too!
2. Continue to research where I can get Recycled Silver Chains from
Chains made using Ecosilver are another thing I have struggled to source, and making these in house would not only be extremely difficult, but would also make them extremely expensive due to how long they would take.
I am convinced that there is someone out there selling a range of recycled silver chains, and so the search will continue!
Another option for me to look in to would be to source second hand chains which I could then polish up and reuse.
I will be revisiting this on a monthly basis, and hopefully by the end of the year I will have found a solution!
3. Become a Carbon Neutral Business
At the end of last year I had a lovely conversation with Charlotte from Nula Carbon, a company that works to protect rainforests, by offering Carbon Credits. You can buy different amounts of credits depending on how much carbon you produce, to offset your emissions. 
Every single thing we do produces carbon - sending an email ~ 4g of CO2, doing a load of laundry ~ 700g of CO2, building a house ~ 80 tonnes of CO2.
For Bluebell Lane, the thing that produces the most carbon is postage.
To get a rough idea of just how much carbon though, I need to work out how many miles each parcel has had to travel. I'll be working this out based on my busiest month in 2020 and using this as my average for the year, to allow for growth.
Nula Carbon will then help me to convert these miles in to an amount of CO2, and I will then be able to make monthly donations to offset my footprint!
Although none of these are over night jobs, I'm hoping that by the end of this year, I can tick all three of these off!
What will you be doing to be more sustainable this year? 
I'd love to hear your Eco Goals below!

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