Holiday update: I am away from the 11th-17th of July, so all orders placed from the 10th will be posted on 18th/19th July xxxx

Circle Flow Ring - Size R

Circle Flow Ring - Size R

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Starting out as a circle with a sprinkle of silver offcuts gathered to one side, these rings are made by melting the silver so that it flows together.

While I have a certain amount of control over the path it takes, the real beauty is in letting the silver decide.

This ring is a UK Size R.


Born as a way of encouraging freedom and spontaneity within my practice, F L O W is an evolving series of truly unique jewellery.

Being able to work in such a playful way is something that has always been important to me, and I am so excited to have encapsulated this through silver.

Each piece from this collection is made by melting down recycled and waste silver to create new designs with their own individual flow and character.

Each with their own story, each one of a kind.


50p of every order places is donated to The Woodland Trust, to help protect our woodlands, trees and wildlife.